Fixed 45° Pole Mounted Tablet Stand Holder

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This unit is fully enclosed hiding the charge cable . The tablet is secured in the frame using 4 Stainless Steel Security screws. 

The charge cable is also fully hidden within the enclosure and has 2 cable ports at the back of the enclosure to allow the cable to pass through the Pole. 

Main feature on this model :

  • Fixed angle of 45°  
  • Bolted / Fixed to Counter top
  • Height from counter to center of tablet is +/- 245mm
  • This model has the 4 tamper-resistant screws 
  • Charge cable can be routed through the pole
  • The Tablet can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation on this stand.


This mount is designed to be mounted to the counter or surface via 2 mounting holes in the Pole Base.


These Tablet Stands are made in Australia 

Please note: Due to our stands accommodating a wide range of tablets, some rear cameras might be partially obstructed by our frame. If this is a concern, please drop us an email and we would be glad to check it for you or provide you with an alternative mounting solution. 

Please note that the images are for illustration purposes only and subject to change in design without notice.

 iPad Stands Made in Australia



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